About Us

by Silah was founded in 2015 by sisters Laura and Signe Leth in an effort to combine their love of beauty and entrepreneurship. 

The webshop started out being multifaceted with a focus on not just beauty and lashes, but also on jewelry, piercings and other fashion accessories. However, in 2018 the sisters decided to completely re-launch their business to focus solely on their lash brand introducing new products, packaging and design.  


Laura already knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a different career path than most of her peers. By the age of eighteen she had already graduated makeup school as a certified makeup artist and started a booming business as a beauty influencer with a rapidly growing following on Youtube and Instagram as well as working as a makeup artist on the side. In 2015 she fulfilled her dream of having her very own lash brand when she founded by Silah with her older sister Signe. As a lash aficionado it is very much a passion project for Laura to continually update and expand the by Silah lash brand and make sure that we are able to provide lashes for all preferences and occasions.


Signe Leth
Signe originally studied law at Copenhagen University, but quickly discovered that a regular desk job was not what she dreamed of and decided to take a risk by going down the much more uncertain road of starting her own business. She founded A Million Miles in 2014 where she works as a food blogger, freelance food writer and recipe creater as well as a cookbook author with her first cookbook Regnbuemad being published in 2017. In 2015 she founded by Silah with her little sister Laura and finally has the perfect outlet for her entrepreneurial dreams and creative vision.